Saachi Pavani

Seventeen-year-old Saachi Pavani is a senior at Irvine’s Portola High School, where she is the three-year captain of the girls varsity tennis team and played a key role in securing Portola’s first CIF championship title. Her work with nonprofits began in 2016, when she partnered with Days for Girls International to create sustainable hygiene kits for girls in developing countries. Laura’s House inspired her to create Portola’s Domestic Violence Prevention club, and the Southern California Hospice Foundation during the pandemic saw her campaign procure 30,000 masks, 7,000+ units of food and more than $3,500 for hospice patients. She also coordinated the distribution of 16,000 masks to major OC nonprofits. The OC Register put her on its 2020 100 Most Influential People in Orange County list. Pavani’s Girl Scouts of Orange County involvement boasts a Bronze, Silver and Gold Award and named her as a delegate to its 55th National Council Session. Pavani’s work with Stop the Bleed coordinated the training of 100+ people to stop life-threatening bleeding, established a club at her school and is lobbying state legislators for training in the state school system.

“Losing myself in philanthropy is an incredibly rewarding experience and allows me to appreciate the many blessings in my life. The positive impact of philanthropy inspires young people like me to amplify our efforts to give back to our communities.” – Saachi Pavani


Banc of California

For 80 years, Banc of California has served small and medium-size businesses throughout California. Headquartered in the heart of Orange County, the bank has more than 600 employees, 36 offices and 32 full-service community banking branches, extending from San Diego to Santa Barbara. With deep expertise in manufacturing, healthcare, commercial real estate, entertainment and nonprofit sectors, the bank supports industries most integral to California’s economy. As California’s business bank, Banc of California is committed to supporting organizations and initiatives that enhance the quality of life in the communities where their customers and employees live and work, and has a proven track record of donating dollars, time and resources to causes that align with its mission of empowering Californians. In partnership with local organizations, the bank makes a positive impact across at-risk youth programming, affordable housing, veteran services, community revitalization, financial education and workforce development. Beyond financial support, the highlight of Banc of California’s community involvement is its high employee engagement through hands-on service projects and volunteering (totaling more than 7,400 hours from 2018 through 2020).

“In developing meaningful partnerships with a broad array of community-based organizations, we serve our diverse population and make a positive impact through financial literacy, affordable housing, community services, and economic growth. We are focused on California and proudly invest, lend and volunteer in the communities we serve.” – John Sotoodeh, Chief Operating Officer, Banc of California


Discount Tire & Service Centers

Andy Andonian, founder of Discount Tire & Service Centers, is a first-generation Armenian immigrant who immigrated to the United States in 1969. He launched Discount Tire Centers in 1975 by opening his first tire store in Downey, California. He was soon able to acquire multiple new locations, quickly expanding and growing the business through the help of his two brothers. Today, Discount Tire Centers is run by President Sergio Andonian, son of Andy Andonian. Besides having a successful tire business, the company is and has always been dedicated to philanthropic work, as they pride themselves in helping out and giving back to those in need through various outlets. They intend on continuing those efforts for years to come, as they are firm believers in affording others the opportunity to stand on their feet and lead a better life. It is a philosophy that has been true to the company ever since it started because it was that one dream and opportunity that led Andy Andonian to be able to lead a better life for himself and his family in the first place.

“My father always set a great example when it came to helping others and being grateful for what we had. Thus, I intend on continuing to put our best foot forward and bringing people together as a community because I believe it is through helping others that we achieve inner peace and true salvation.” – Sergio Andonian, President, Discount Tire & Service Centers


Sun Family Foundation

David and Diana Sun immigrated to America from Taiwan in 1977, where they settled in Orange County to pursue a new life with greater opportunity. In 1987, David co-founded Kingston Technology, which became the world’s largest independent manufacturer of computer memory products. In 1999, David and Diana founded the Sun Family Foundation with the vision of sharing their good fortune with local communities by helping underprivileged students attain higher education and supporting the underserved. Each year the foundation grants thousands of scholarships to students in both Orange County and Taiwan. The focus on education is in dedication to David’s mother, who was a high school teacher in Taiwan. The foundation is now being run by two generations of Sun family members, with its next generation now holding leadership positions and helping to shape the foundation’s future strategy towards philanthropy and grantmaking, which continues to support education and also organizations that provide services to underserved individuals and communities. The mission is to use the foundation to bring the family closer together across generations and to pass on David and Diana’s legacy of philanthropy.

“As first generation immigrants, we feel very fortunate to be able to share our blessings with our fellow communities. We are thankful to the opportunities this country has provided us.” – Diana and David Sun, Sun Family Foundation Co-Founders


WISE (Women Investing In Security and Education)

The mission of WISE®, Women Investing In Security and Education, is to provide opportunities and expertise for the financial education of females of all ages so they may: (1) acquire skills, tools and the mindset to improve their financial status and increase their options in life; (2) network with others with similar financial needs and goals; and (3) secure financial freedom. In 1997, founder, Victoria Collins, CFP, PhD and her team, launched the first conference with 500 women attending. The overwhelming success of the conference indicated the need for financial education in a friendly and non-intimidating environment. Today, WISE works closely with community organizations such as Girls Scouts and Girls Inc and prominent universities to deliver its core mission. WISE hosts 5-10 “Tearing Down the Pink Wall” events per year with free online seminars and workshops to accomplish education from basic finances to more sophisticated money management. Operating with a board of about 26 members, WISE is guided by the general principles of volunteerism: giving of self without personal gain or profit.

“Imagine a young Girl Scout learning about cash flow and investing, or a college student inspired to consider a career in finance after hearing WISE’s “Tearing Down the Pink Wall” panel. This is WISE fulfilling its mission. Thank you from all the WISE Family for this honor!!” – Angela Z. Dailey, Executive Director, WISE


Eileen Padberg

Rancho Mission Viejo resident Eileen Padberg, through Eileen Padberg Consulting, has managed public affairs and political campaigns as well as provided strategic planning and corporate communications for some of the nation’s top corporations for more than 25 years. She has been recognized for her work with women as a community activist, encouraging them to participate as elected officials and providing training programs to help them run and win political campaigns. Her volunteer work with what was then the South County YWCA, now called WISEPlace, began in 1984, when she realized what an impact the nonprofit was making on helping homeless women. “Once you walk through those doors, you are hooked – for life!” she says. On and off the board of directors for 30 years as an active volunteer, three years ago, she volunteered to head the capital campaign to raise funds to build permanent housing to replace the transitional housing offered for years. Thus far, $1.5M has been raised in two years. Padberg has also supported Planned Parenthood as a one-time political board member and contributor.

“I am rewarded every day by knowing I actually helped a woman in need.” – Eileen Padberg


Meymuna Hussein-Cattan, The Tiyya Foundation

Born in an Ethiopian refugee camp in Somalia, Meymuna Hussein-Cattan is an executive, entrepreneur and world traveler. For the last decade, Meymuna has been the Founder/Executive Director of The Tiyya Foundation, a local nonprofit that provides economic and educational opportunities for families of refugees, immigrants and indigenous communities residing in Orange County and Los Angeles County. In her work, Meymuna has been helping to transform sentiments and narratives around refugees in Southern California. Her solutions-oriented mindset has led the way on record-breaking initiatives, including the creation of innovative programs and services that impact nearly 1,000 people a year. This includes increases in job creation, entrepreneurship opportunities and recreational sports inclusion for children from low-income immigrant households. Meymuna has been recognized by the Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, was a PBS/ KTLA Local Hero nominee and received a Congressional Recognition as Woman of Year by Congressman Adam Schiff. She established Flavors from Afar, a social enterprise that employs former-refugee chefs in Orange County and Los Angeles. Today, the restaurant is located in Little Ethiopia on Fairfax.

“I grew up with the philosophy to ‘give to your neighbor what you would want for yourself.’ To me, giving is cyclical. What you give to others should always be a gift that you would personally cherish.” – Meymuna Hussein-Cattan


Moxie Marketing Agency

Moxie Marketing Agency, a results-driven marketing business, launched in 2014 in Irvine. The company’s core values are integrity, creativity, delivering value, initiative, and giving back. Towards those ends, the company recruits talented marketing professionals who care about making a difference in the local community and operate its Digital Marketing Academy for Nonprofits to provide free marketing resources to nonprofits that cannot afford the company’s services. During the pandemic, the company tapped into its value of giving back to provide pro bono services to its nonprofit clients who could not afford their services and hosted virtual fundraising events to support Orange County’s pandemic relief efforts. This year, Moxie Marketing joined Mental Health Action Day as a founding partner to not only increase awareness about mental health but to encourage people to take action. The company believes that its nonprofit clients are the real heroes, and they are happy to serve as a guide to help them receive more visibility and achieve results. By extension, Moxie Marketing is proud to help make the world a better place.

“In this world, there are only two things that matter: people and the impact we make. Our team has found that when we put people first and lead with a heart of giving, our business success follows.” – Jeanette Knutti, CEO, Moxie Marketing Agency

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