Moxie Marketing Agency, a results-driven marketing business, launched in 2014 in Irvine. The company’s core values are integrity, creativity, delivering value, initiative, and giving back. Towards those ends, the company recruits talented marketing professionals who care about making a difference in the local community and operate its Digital Marketing Academy for Nonprofits to provide free marketing resources to nonprofits that cannot afford the company’s services. During the pandemic, the company tapped into its value of giving back to provide pro bono services to its nonprofit clients who could not afford their services and hosted virtual fundraising events to support Orange County’s pandemic relief efforts. This year, Moxie Marketing joined Mental Health Action Day as a founding partner to not only increase awareness about mental health but to encourage people to take action. The company believes that its nonprofit clients are the real heroes, and they are happy to serve as a guide to help them receive more visibility and achieve results. By extension, Moxie Marketing is proud to help make the world a better place.

“In this world, there are only two things that matter: people and the impact we make. Our team has found that when we put people first and lead with a heart of giving, our business success follows.” – Jeanette Knutti, CEO, Moxie Marketing Agency