Vanis learned about recycling at school on Earth Day.  He was seven years old and felt it was something he should do. His parents agreed to help, and soon family members, friends and neighbors pitched in. Vanis started riding his bike all over town picking up trash to recycle. He created his own business card, passed out flyers, and the recycling piled up. “My Recycler” was born! His parents suggested another way to help: donate to charity. He chose Project Hope Alliance, which helps homeless kids in Orange County. Currently an eighth-grader at Corona Del Mar Middle School, nearly 75,000 lbs. has been recycled, and the business donations have helped the nonprofit move two families out of homelessness. Indosole, a San Francisco business, which re-purposes tires from Indonesia landfills into shoes and flip flops, honored Vanis as one of its “Good Humans.”

 “Giving back is important to me because I believe every kid should have a home and because I know I can help.”

Business Motto: “It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it!”