The Illumination Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing targeted, interdisciplinary services to the most vulnerable homeless population in the county. Since the beginning, it has been the organization’s mission to break or prevent the cycle of homelessness. The organization focuses on innovative, integrated care by collaborating with public and private partners to provide cost-effective housing solutions, workforce training, child development programs, medical care and mental health services for the homeless. Founded in 2007 by CEO and President Paul Leon, a registered nurse of 16 years, along with CFO and COO Paul Cho, a licensed chiropractor and former investment banker, the foundation was established within the UC Irvine Health Care Executive MBA Program (Cho’s alma mater). Today, Illumination Foundation’s board of directors consists of community leaders in medicine, nursing, social work, information technology and education. The foundation has served more than 29,000 individuals and has developed a multi-step program supported by comprehensive medical and social services. The goal of the foundation is to effectively transition individuals and families to self-sufficiency.

“We have always known that to impact homelessness it would require the assistance of our entire community. It is heartwarming to see so many people step up and show compassion while providing housing and wrap-services to our most vulnerable.” Paul Cho and Paul Leon, Founders, Illumination