My Private Professor, LLX+C (MPP) is an impact-driven, educational services company that partners with individual and institutional clients to provide a critical academic resource to thousands of students across the country and gives back with every hour to provide free tutoring to students experiencing homelessness. MPP has partnered with Illumination Foundation, SAHARA and the Boys and Girls Clubs to provide free weekly tutoring to students in underserved communities, including those residing in emergency shelters. Additionally, MPP is a longtime supporter of initiatives benefiting students and teachers at Tustin Public Schools Foundation and the Orangewood Foundation’s Samueli Academy through free tutoring, classes, workshops, and grants for teachers. By providing access to the academic support that all students need to succeed, MPP aims to inspire and empower others to achieve their greatest potential and lead tomorrow’s world.

“Education is a game-changer that provides opportunity for individuals and uplifts families, and we at My Private Professor are grateful to do what we can to ensure that all students – especially those in underserved communities – get access to the academic resources they need to succeed in school and beyond – Sona Shah, CEO/Founder of My Private Professor LLC