HKA, Inc. Marketing Communications is a small company with an extra-large heart. Founder and President Hilary Kaye established HKA’s giving spirit 30 years ago and it continues to thrive. It provides integrated programs spanning public relations, social media, community relations, digital marketing, and much more.

Of course, it’s the “much more” that truly sets HKA apart, as philanthropy is an authentic part of the agency’s DNA. Over the years, the award-winning agency has supported worthy causes ranging from health to the environment to human services. HKA provides pro bono support to select nonprofit clients, while other nonprofits receive a steeply discounted rate and significantly more time than budgets dictate.

HKA team members routinely go beyond the call of duty to ensure success. In the nonprofit realm, this means staffing evening and weekend events, connecting clients with causes, serving on boards, creating strategic marketing plans, and brainstorming ways to generate more funds and new supporters. At HKA, team members feel a sense of pride for the extra time they devote and its impact on others.

“Since our earliest years, HKA has been community-minded and philanthropic, and it’s personally rewarding for me to have led this business philosophy over three decades. I’m extremely proud of our HKA team and how our employees go the extra mile to give back. It is so meaningful to me and to all of us at HKA that our nonprofit friends recognize and appreciate our efforts and have made this award happen.” Hilary Kaye, founder and president of HKA, Inc. Marketing Communications.