For years, Don Schoendorfer and his wife, Laurie, have given selflessly of their time and resources. Among other things, they tutored and nurtured children at the Mariners Church, Lighthouse after-school-program in Santa Ana. Such dedication is indicative of Don’s loving heart for the poor and needy. Then a two-week vacation to Morocco and a sermon from his pastor 20 years later changed Don’s life. In his garage, he used all of his talents, skills, MIT education, and engineering experience to design simple, rugged, and inexpensive wheelchairs. Due to his passion, vision, and humility, thousands have joined Don in his goal to deliver 20,000,000 wheelchairs free to people around the world for whom the gift of mobility is beyond dreams. Over 130 local residents have traveled to the countries supported by the Free Wheelchair Mission to experience firsthand the delivery of a wheelchair. Their lives have been transformed after witnessing how Don’s simple wheelchair immediately restores dignity to the disabled person, brings needed relief to the family members, and restores hope to the entire community. To date, the Free Wheelchair Mission has given away over 250,000 wheelchairs to the poor in over 65 developing countries. Don Schoendorfer’s selfless, humble, and passionate heart is an inspiration to all.